Branding Yourself Online

How to Use the Internet to Become
a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field

Low-Cost, High-Impact Ways to Market the Best Product on Earth -- YOU!

Big companies understand the importance of brands -- if the product is recognizable, customers are more likely to embrace the idea behind the product and buy it. The same holds true for individuals. People not only listen more intently to a familiar voice, they become raving fans for life.

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The information on this site is based on my book, Branding Yourself Online. It offers hundreds of ways to use the Internet to become a recognized authority in your area of expertise.

The book, this site and my free e-zine also show you the best ways to create a web site that attracts customers like magnets, gain widespread exposure and carve an indelible identity on the Net.

How do I know these things work?

Branding and self-promotion guy Bob BakerMy name is Bob Baker. I'm blessed to make a living as a writer and author. The main reason I'm able to support myself is because I learned to use the Internet almost exclusively to promote my identity as a music marketing and artist empowerment expert.

Because of my efforts, I now sell thousands of books to eager fans and am respected and admired in my field. To prove the point, do a Google search on me and see how far-reaching my presence on the Internet is.

The good news is ... you can do the same thing. The information on this site (and in my free e-zine and books) can help you.

Whether you have a product or service to sell, a talent or cause to promote, or just want to increase your online network of contacts, personal branding will bring you more recognition and respect ... and more profits.

I wish you happiness and success!


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"Branding Yourself Online hits the branding nail smack on the head. Loaded with wisdom served up in an exceedingly readable style. If I was king of the universe, I'd make Bob's book mandatory reading for every person who owns a computer."
-Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books is maintained by Bob Baker
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