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27 - Five Steps to Reaching Your Music Career Goals

Five tips on goal setting, productivity and motivation, from my newest resource, Indie Music Confidential. Start off the new year with a bang. This is the first episode produced with GarageBand on my new iMac. Love it!

Running time: 10:01 minutes. File size: 9 megs. Format: MP3 (128 kbps).

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Featured song/artist: "Choking on Eggshells" by Building Rome ( The song used in the show intro is the beginning groove from "Fickle Mind" by Heidi McCurdy (

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At 2:48 PM, Anonymous chuck said...

Bob- The podcast with your Snowball sounds great on my Macbook built-in speakers. But why would a guy who travels as much as you get a desktop? I found it too confusing to remember whether the email I was looking for resided on the Imac or the laptop, so my imac is collecting dust.
All my questions about Hooper and Taylor and missing bloggers were answered when I reviewed your resources.
Five Steps is a nice New Year start. It is so easy to lose your way in this business, and wind up dazed and confused.
For a future topic, how about "How I became a musical Napoleon Hill". Explain how you went from focusing on your own music to focusing on the study of successful musicians and teaching the success methods to others. Does it ever bug you to not be prioritizing your own music?

At 5:18 PM, Blogger Bob Baker said...

Chuck, it's always good to hear from one of my oldest (as in longest-running) customers. Great questions. I plan to answer the last one in a blog post this week. Stay tuned.

BTW, folks, if you wanna hear some great rockabilly styled tunes, check out Chuck's band, Hillbilly Hellcats, at


At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bob... im am in love! i've just discovered you (why the hell havnt i come across you before????) well better late than never right.

i love you because you are saying all the wonderful things i have been saying to my musician boyfriend for the last couple of years to get his career going! you are my confirmation im buying him all your stuff so he can hear it again... from you :)

anyway i get so excited listening to what you are saying coz it all makes perfect sense to me and confirms everything ive been saying for years... I listen to you while im at work (im a graphic designer) and i get so inspired.

so finally... im actually going over to the states now to implement all this for my music career and also his...

thank you for all your enthusiasm in sharing your vast knowledge... you are so appreciated - you are wonderful!

Kindest regards


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