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January 26, 2007

The Best Music Marketing Thing You Can Do

There are basically two aspects of effective music marketing. They include:
  • The mental part (expanding your knowledge and generating ideas) and

  • The doing part (taking action)
Each step is vitally important. Reading and thinking about music promotion means nothing without following up your ideas with action. And getting busy for the sake of "getting your name out there" without a plan and a reason why you're taking action can often lead to frustration as well.

Regular readers of my books, this blog and my music marketing tips e-zine rarely complain about a lack of ideas. Within these pages you'll find plenty of them. But I bet many stumble because they fail at that important next step: Not choosing the best ideas and acting on them.

So here's what I want you to do right now. Go through the archives of this blog. Or use the little Blogger search box at the top of this page to hunt down specific topics. Also, look over my collection of music success articles.

As you look these over, write down the ideas that strike a chord with you. The concepts that you can really apply to your genre, style or image. The tactics that resonate the most with you.

Then look over your list. Hopefully, it's a lengthy one. But that doesn't matter. What you need to do now is this:
  • Pick your top three ideas off the list, and no more.
Then take this important step:
  • Place these items on your calendar -- whatever you use to plan your activities.
Don't have a personal calendar? Start one. Or use a Google Calendar. Whatever. The main thing is that you put a priority on them and pick a date and time when you will implement these ideas.

Don't overwhelm yourself. Just work on one idea a week. But put them on your calendar. Then use your calendar. And when the date comes, get busy working on the idea.

Pretty easy, huh? Now get busy reading, writing and planning to act!


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