Take the 3MP Test Drive - now thru April 11 at 5 PM EST!

Sorry - the offer has expired ...

But you are welcome and encouraged to join the 3MP Program and get access to all future Music Mastermind calls, newsletters, and members-only perks by going here.

Get access to a private call with a guy who worked for seven years with Gene Simmons and KISS, my exclusive interview with "Tour:Smart" author Martin Atkins, plus four issues of Guerrilla Music Marketing Confidential

In January I launched something new called the Music Marketing Mentorship Program (or 3MP for short). You've probably heard me talk about it.

An ambitious group of independent artists, managers and promoters have joined, and we're having a great time sharing information and inspiring each other.

Perhaps you've thought about joining yourself. But for whatever reason, you haven't taken the next step to get involved. That's okay. We all have busy lives. It's easy to get distracted.

So I'm going to make this super easy for you ...

For a measly $7 bucks USD, I'm going to give you the following things so you can test drive the program and decide if it's something you want to get involved with:

  • Access to a 90-minute Music Marketing Mastermind conference call with me and guest Michael Brandvold on Monday, April 11, starting at 9 PM Eastern.

    What marketing lessons could you learn from Gene Simmons and the iconic rock band KISS? If you're Michael Brandvold, a lot. In 1998, Gene Simmons tapped him to build and launch KISS's first official website. He then proceeded to grow KISSonline into a multi-million dollar enterprise with over a half million visitors a month.

    Michael also handled ticketing programs, online branding, marketing, and sales efforts for U2, Motley Crue, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and more.

    Join Michael, me and other program members on a live call April 11. Come prepared to ask questions and offer advice to others as well. If you can't make the call, no problem. I'll send you a link to an MP3 of it next week.
  • Instant access to an MP3 of my exclusive 45-minute interview with Martin Atkins, author of "Tour:Smart and Break the Band."

    He's performed with Johnny Rotten & Public Image Ltd, Trent Resnor & Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Pigface, Killing Joke & has run Invisible Records for more than 20 years. If you know anything about Martin, you know he's entertaining and filled with lots of punk-rock wisdom, and he shares a lot of it in this interview.

I'll also give you immediate access to four recent issues of Guerrilla Music Marketing Confidential, a weekly newsletter I deliver exclusively to members only.

Inside the four issues I've selected you'll find:

  • How to Create Your Own iPhone Music App for FREE
  • 6 Tools to Help You Measure Your Online Marketing Effectiveness and Buzz
  • How to Get Your Emails Hypnotically Opened and Read (an amazing music marketing idea from Joe Vitale)
  • The Charlie Sheen Guide to Current Event Songs
  • 19 Facebook Fan Page Music Promotion Tactics
  • How to Accept Credit Cards With Your Mobile Phone
  • Two Ways to Get More Done in Less Time
  • Lessons From the Video Game Industry That Every Musician Should Know
  • Use This Site to Automate Your Gig Listings

All this stuff for only $7 USD — offer good only until 5 PM Eastern on Monday, April 11

Sorry - the offer has expired ...

But you are welcome and encouraged to join the 3MP Program and get access to all future Music Mastermind calls, newsletters, and members-only perks by going here.


If you want to know more about 3MP now ...

The program includes a variety of levels to suit your needs and budget — starting at just $9.95

  • Basic — This is Bob's entry level program for self-promoting artists, managers, publicists, and more. It features a subscription to Guerrilla Music Marketing Confidential, a short newsletter filled with Bob's latest strategies, success stories, and breaking music trends for members only — delivered 3 or 4 times a month. Click here to learn more and join today.
  • Silver — This tier was created for music entrepreneurs who are ready to take their careers to the next level — and are interested in interacting with other like-minded, ambitious music people. It features a monthly Music Mastermind & Brainstorming conference call with Bob, other Mentorship Program members, and special guests. Plus members-only access to exclusive, full-length MP3 audio interviews that Bob conducts every month with successful artists, authors and thought leaders. Also includes a subscription to the weekly Guerrilla Music Marketing Confidential newsletter. Click here to learn more and join today.
  • Gold — When you're ready for one-on-one private coaching and guidance, the Gold Level is for you. Here you get up to 45 minutes of Bob's undivided attention every month via video Skype sessions or telephone. Get direct personalized marketing advice and inspiration on an ongoing basis. PLUS get all the benefits of a Silver Level membership above. Click here to learn more and join today.
  • Platinum — If you are really serious about getting personal coaching (and acting on the strategies) this level may be for you. You'll get up to two and a half hours of Bob's undivided attention every month — a much more in-depth dose of marketing advice and inspiration directly from Bob on an ongoing basis. PLUS get all the benefits of a Silver Level membership above. Click here to learn more and join today.
  • In the near future Bob will also offer a top-tier Diamond Level.

Bob has offered most of these things separately in the past, but now he is integrating them all into one program for ambitious artists, managers and promoters like you.

Are you ready to join Bob Baker and other Music Marketing Mentorship Program members on this empowering adventure?

"Bob Baker is a mentor and trusted friend in a harsh industry"
"Words can't adequately express the sincere gratitude I feel towards you for your teaching. There are THOUSANDS of people out there to whom you are a household name, a mentor, and a trusted friend in a harsh industry. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me personally to transform my attitude." -Justin Cash, www.gojustincash.com

"The most productive hour I've ever spent!"
"I have attended countless conferences, seminars, and read countless books and articles on the industry, but this was without a doubt the most productive hour I have ever spent. Bob gave me insight into ways I can grow my fanbase, increase sales, and make more money. In fact, just one of his pointers will help us save thousands of dollars a year! I highly recommend a personal consultation with Bob Baker. It's well worth the investment!" -Mark Mohr, Christafari, GospelReggae.com, Lion of Zion Entertainment, Positive Music Agency

"The catalyst for Carnegie Hall"
"I can't thank you enough for offering your Music Mastermind Group. It gave me the 'aha' moment that manifested a solo performance for rock violinist Antonio Pontarelli at the renowned Carnegie Hall. There was a synergy of commitment and excitement in the group that inspired me to raise the bar by implementing goals and thinking outside the box. Thanks for empowering us to stretch our boundaries and become the best we can be. I hope others who are serious about a career in music are motivated to take the same action." -Greta, Antonio Music, www.antoniomusic.com