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Tired of being force-fed music that corporations want you to hear?

Free Music DownloadsWelcome to your direct link to some great free music from new, buzz-worthy and "on the verge" artists. You're one click away from having access to completely legal digital music files from acts who are creating awesome songs outside the established corporate structure.

The "Free Music Downloads Digest" is an e-magazine that sifts through the glut of online music noise and brings you the gems -- the specific artists and tracks that are worth hearing, downloading and sharing with other music lovers.

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Take a chance and expose yourself to some cool, new sounds -- at least according to the ears of "Music Downloads Digest" editor Bob Baker. He's a veteran music journalist, author of Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook (as seen in the movie The School of Rock) and other books, and an indie singer-songwriter himself.

Many of the artists Bob recommends fall into the pop, rock and singer-songwriter categories. But you'll also find some quality picks in the blues, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, world/ethnic, electronic, folk, new age and hard rock genres.

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