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These audio programs came out a few years ago, so I've taken them off the market until I can publish updated versions.

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Read a Book with Your Ears

Audiobooks offer one of the most convenient ways to absorb great ideas. You can listen while you drive, turning your car into an intensive workshop on wheels. You can also listen at home while exercising, working around the house or before going to bed at night.

I'm so sold on the audio format, I've made a vow to release more of my material in this format. I'm kicking myself for not doing more of this sooner. Therefore, I want you to know about two brand-new titles I just made available in the spoken-word audio CD format.

What Every Musician Should Know About Self-Promotion: The 29 Key Principles
of Independent Music Marketing

What Every Musician Should Know About Self-Promotion: 29 Principles of Independent Music Marketing On this 68-minute recording, I cover a lot of ground and distill the most important things music people need to know about marketing, including:

  • Killer media exposure tactics most acts never use
  • The biggest mistakes bands make when promoting themselves
  • Internet marketing strategies you need to be using now
  • How to get the most bang from your live shows
  • Clever ways to boost CD and merchandise sales
  • How to make the most progress in the least amount of time
  • The most effective ways to reach your best fans

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Guerrilla Music Marketing LIVE:
The Independent Path to
a Successful Music Career

Recorded during a live workshop in Nashville, this one-hour presentation offers my most potent advice on how to approach an indie music career. Highlights include:

  • Why it's never been a better time to be an indie musician
  • The most important thing you need to be worthy of a longterm career
  • Why you shouldn't buy into the music biz "rules" you've always been taught
  • If you think it's all about money, connections and clout ... think again.
  • How to really take control of your career
  • The perfect cure for the shy, uncomfortable self-promoter
  • How to become a fan-building machine

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What They're Saying ...

"One of the things I love about Bob is his ability to break complicated subjects down into bite-size pieces that are easy to grasp. What Every Musician Should Know is the kind of thing you'll want to listen to with a pen and pad in hand, because the ideas you'll get from it could literally be life-changing."
-David Hooper,

"Thanks for sending a copy of your What Every Musician Should Know CD. As a former DJ and radio station manager, I was impressed with your relaxed delivery and friendly vibe. I enjoyed listening to it and will use portions in my class at the Art Institute. I hope you do well with this. You have great info and tips galore!"
-Christopher Knab, FourFront Media (

"Bob, I played your new CD while packing for a move. You have some great ideas, explained in a clear, articulate way so any non-rocket scientist can totally get it. I wish you the best with it. Personally, I think you should double the price."
-Chris Standring, A&R Online (

"Bob's new audiobook is probably one of the most fruitful hours you'll spend doing ANYTHING if you're a working musician. He's boiled down many of the principles of self-promotion that he and I and David Hooper talk about all the time into some really digestible nuggets." -Joe Taylor Jr., manager, consultant and author of "Grow Your Band's Audience" and "Host Your Own Concerts" (

"What Every Musician Should Know About Self-Promotion is an absolute necessity for serious musicians to take their music career to the next level. If you're really ready to step up your marketing efforts and promote your music like a pro, get this CD today!" -Tom Leu, author, "Money, Marketing & Myths Inside the Musician's Corner" (

"I really enjoyed listening to What Every Musician Should Know About Self-Promotion and found it to be extremely insightful. It's a must for any serious musician!" -Madalyn Sklar,

"I got your What Every Musician Should Know CD, and I love it. I keep it in my car and listen almost every day to the tips -- some of which I knew and have used already, and many of which I didn't and am in the process of getting used to. As a Christian singer-songwriter who runs an indie record label, I have done so much in the past five years since my first CD was released. But there's so much more I need to do, and your information is invaluable. Thank you so much!"
-Nancy Krebs (

"I enjoyed both CDs. They certainly contain useful tips. In particular, I love the enthusiastic view you promote -- that self-promotion can lead to real success in the industry, and that artists needn't be hamstrung by the lack of a record deal or guaranteed airplay. I'll certainly be infusing my music marketing business with that same view and enthusiasm here in Australia. Thanks!"
-David Keogh, Perfect Pitch (

"I thoroughly enjoyed What Every Musician Should Know About Self-Promotion. It has helped me overcome reservations about promoting myself as an artist. Instead, I now promote for the fans! I contacted a radio station that ended up playing my music and followed up with six club owners that yielded five performance dates. I knew what to do after reading your books, but hearing your CD a few times while driving helped reinforce the ideas and motivated me to get it done!"
-Kimber Manning (

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Both of these audio CDs come with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Take a full two months to listen and apply these ideas to your music career. If you're not happy for any reason, just send the CD back and I'll give you a fast, friendly refund. No questions asked.

Here's to you, your music and your success!


P.S. Let me ask you ... How are you spending your time now when you drive or hang out around the house? Are you feeding your mind with powerful new ideas? Or are you just letting idle time waste away?