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How to Recession-Proof Your Music Career

39 Ways Musicians, Bands and Record Labels Can Reduce Expenses and Prosper in Today's Economic Times

It's all over the news ...

Recession, layoffs, downsizing, sky-high gas prices. It seems consumers are going out less, cutting back on entertainment purchases, and generally holing up in caves to ride out the storm.

Not to mention, both independent and major label artists are scaling back their tour dates as they wrestle with the high cost of fuel.

What's an ambitious indie musician to do?

Hint: The answer is NOT to run and hide!

That's why I want to give you this FREE 19-page ebook filled with tips, resources and strategies to help you not only cope during these challenging times ... I want you to thrive and prosper!

When I put together this free ebook, I turned first to the readers of my long-running ezine, The Buzz Factor. With 10,000 subscribers strong, I knew I could count on them for some great ideas on cost cutting and making the most of their money.

Did they ever deliver!

There are some awesome ideas here on ways to tour smarter, save money on dozens of expenses, and even earn more income while everyone else seems to be struggling.

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