Sorry, this Master Class is now SOLD OUT!

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I'm Looking for 20 Serious Artists to Join Me in a Guerrilla Music Marketing Master Class

Module 3 on Music Publicity starts April 15

Please read this page all the way through so you know what the program is all about. If it speaks to you, register right away using the link below. Your seat is not confirmed until you actually register.

I spent much of 2012 completely updating and revising the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook.

This is my flagship title, the book that appears in the movie The School of Rock and is used in countless music business college courses. It's finally ready for prime time.

Tens of thousands of people have read previous editions of this book and thousands more will read this new version. That's great. But I also wanted to create something special related to the new book for artists who want to take a deeper dive and actually use the principles in their daily lives.

That's why I am presenting a series of four-week Guerrilla Music Marketing Master Classes for each of the five sections of the book. A few dozen awesome music people have already taken Modules 1 and 2.

"This class is amazing and giving me so much focus! I am getting more done now than I ever have! I also love my Success Partner. I feel like I've made wonderful friends with her and others taking the class. What fabulous people!"
-Sunny Williams,

"Bob, you have inspired and helped empower me a ton! The best part of your 'teaching' is your beingness. You never say, 'This is THE way.' It's all unbiased, humble, open for possibilities, kind, positive, and all such great info! I'm using this class for marketing, but it's really perfect for anything. It's a life success class to me. I love it. Thank you so much!" -Jared Cattoor

Module 3, which covers "Guerrilla Music Publicity," starts Monday, April 15.

Here's what you get with Guerrilla Music Marketing Master Class - Module 3:

The one-hour conference calls will take place five Mondays in a row (April 15, 22, 29 and May 6 and 13) starting at 2 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific).

The weekly conference calls are the only time-specific aspect of the class (along with the daily communication with your Success Partner, which you both agree upon). Everything else can be done on your own schedule. However, if you can't make the calls, no problem. You will still get a LOT out of the class.

"I love this class! I'm learning so much about things I've never thought of when it comes to marketing. Taking the class was a great decision!"
-Anna Yanova,

"I'm really enjoying the class. The structure of talking to my Success Partner five days a week is helping me get a lot more done than I would otherwise. It's been really helpful and motivating to hear what everyone is doing. I'm learning a lot. And I really like your perspective on things, Bob!"
-Sarah Jennings Evans,

Here are the four weekly topics we'll cover in this module:

If you have the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook and feel you are already familiar with these topics, just know that the Master Class experience goes far beyond simply reading the information.

The class allows you to interact with others, get direct feedback and encouragement from me, and actually apply the ideas in a much more profound way!

"The class is very helpful, Bob. My Success Partner and I talk daily during the week. We are both committed to the program and doing the three daily activities. It is great having the mutual support. The shared experience of the conference calls has been excellent also. Very positive!"
-John Roy Zat,

"Collaborating with another kindred spirit who shares your goals and aspirations is very helpful. It definitely helps make the journey more efficient and fun!"
-Jimmy Morrison

What will it cost? How can you get in?

Well, the "Music Marketing 101" course I created for Berklee used to run $1,000 to $1,200. Many online business courses are in the $400 to $700 range.

Honestly, I want the fee for this Master Class to be high enough that it has an element of exclusivity, so you know you'll be dealing with other artists who are serious about marketing and serious about their careers.

But I also want to make it affordable enough for independent artists on a budget. So ...

That's why I'm keeping the fee low at only $197 USD.

Again, you get weekly lessons, worksheets, suggested daily action steps, a Success Partner, access to a private Facebook group and a community of empowered artists, and five weekly conference calls.

That's a lot of value for only $197

Note: This fee covers Module 3 only. Future Master Classes (to be announced later) will have separate fees. The fee also does not include a copy of the full Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook.

Thanks so much for your interest. Again, if you want in, register for the Master Class right away. I look forward to helping you turbo-charge your music marketing in the weeks ahead.


Sorry, this Master Class is now SOLD OUT!

But stayed tuned for when I launch the next module. If you're on the Buzz Factor email list, you'll be the first to know.