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Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook What People Are Saying About Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook:

"The most directly applicable, start-tomorrow, creatively inspiring book I've ever seen on promoting your music!" -Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby,

"Bob Baker's advice is practical and concise. There is GREAT material in this book, and it helped me put my Internet and alternative marketing ideas to good use. This is a fantastic book!" -Geoff Byrd,'s best-rated artist of 2004,

"Applying many of Bob's ideas, and without any wholesaling or distribution, I sold more than 20,000 CDs and cassettes of my music over the last five years. Using his suggestions, I increased my fan base by 35% in just one year. Pretty good for a non-performing artist who does all studio work. Bob is the master of music marketing!" -Kris Lee-Scott, Hanai Music,

"If they allowed ten stars, I'd give it ten. I bought Bob's Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, and in less than two months, I've done more to energize the mechanisms to promote my new CD, and previous three CDs, than I've done in the past four years combined. Bob Baker really got me going. More than that, it crow-barred a self-convinced 'I hate promotion' guy out of his stubborn old habits and into enthusiasm -- which is no small feat!" -Dan Oakenhead,

"Bob's information is by far the most honest and caring presentation I have come across in my 20-plus years in the business. Easy to grasp, factual and painfully realistic, you'd be foolish to prefer anyone else on this subject." -Raleigh Pinskey, author of 101 Ways to Promote Yourself,

"When you're ready for a Master Class on self-promotion, grab Bob Baker's Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook. There's a reason this has gone to multiple editions!" -Joe Taylor Jr., author of Grow Your Band's Audience,

"This grass roots guide by self-marketing wizard Bob Baker could be the one thing you need to launch a profitable music career. Learn how to exploit the media, send CDs flying off the racks, and start turning heads in your town." -Jake Sibley, Musicians' Exchange guide,

"This book proves why Bob Baker remains THE authority on music marketing." -C.J. Chilvers, President, The Association of Music Writers and Photographers

"Bob Baker was the man who got me interested in music promotion for unsigned bands. I found his newsletter, The Buzz Factor, and was inspired to share my own experiences. This book has been his best seller since it was originally released in 1996. It's been updated many times since and is filled with some absolutely invaluable advice for any unsigned musician. Bob also offers several special bonuses, including a report on 'How to Double Your CD Sales (in 90 Days or Less).' This book is well worth the obscenely low price he sells it for. I'm still learning new tips every time I read it." -Marc Gunn, The Bards Crier,

"I enjoyed your advice on goal setting and optimism. In fact, I used your techniques to get 17 songs signed by various publishers in one year alone. Goal setting and your Guerrilla book helped bring everything into focus." -Mike Deeson, songwriter

"This book has a wealth of information. I've been in the music business for many years and still found great suggestions. In fact, as soon as I started reading it I was brainstorming ideas which I have since put into practice with great success." -Jon T. Pomplin, Project 814, Cellar Records,

"I just wanted to personally thank you for this priceless gem. I've only skimmed through the book so far, but that alone has ignited a fire for me in the re-development of a bio for one of my artists. Your information is presented clearly and concisely and should be a part of any serious musician's arsenal. Thanks!" -Mark A. Herron, manager

"If you are broke (or just cheap), you will want to get your hands on this book. I used to spend a lot more money on promotion and now I am spending less and seeing more return. I love the Bob Baker stuff." -Ron Smith, Atlanta, Georgia

"Bob's ideas give me new ways to think about marketing and sometimes even ideas I never in my wildest imagination would have thought of. The great thing about Bob is that he tells you like it is and puts the responsibility for your career where it should be - on you! Bob's books help you help yourself so you can work toward that dream of signing with a major label or become profitable as an indie artist." -David C. Lannan, President, Emerald Jukebox Promotions & Creative Services

"I recently read the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook with great enthusiasm. Thanks to you, my to-do list has quadrupled! The nature of your ideas are amazing -- from one idea comes ten!" -Jenn Lindsay, singer-songwriter, New York City,

"I love the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook and recommend it to every musician I come across." -Cordy Lavery, singer-songwriter, Austin, Texas,

"A must-read resource for all aspiring musicians and songwriters." -Midwest Book Review,

"I read your Guerrilla manual and found it to be an inspiring tool. Thank you so much!" -Tamara O'Leary,

"Since applying some of your techniques, we've tripled our number of gigs and more than doubled our merchandise sales. We love the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook!" -George Frazier, Julia Surrendered, Lawrence, KS

"Every serious musician should read this book. It has some great ideas. It helps you start thinking out of the box, especially if you're focused only on making music. Marketing music is also part of the game, so I recommend reading this one." -Marko Pavic, Rome, Italy,

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