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"16 Insights for
Indie Music Success"

How to Promote Yourself, Make Money, and Live Your Music Dreams

There was an incredible feeling of positive energy in the room. It was a small but enthusiastic crowd. Based on the genuine comments people gave afterward, it was a truly meaningful event for everyone in attendance.

Now I'd like to share this experience with you.

I'm referring to a live workshop I presented in Austin, TX, not long ago for GoGirls Music. It was only the second time I'd delivered this talk to an audience. And it was the ONLY time I recorded it. I have no plans to give this exact presentation again, so I'm thrilled that I was able to capture it on audio.

The talk I gave that day was called "16 Insights for Indie Music Success" -- and, if you weren't there, I'd like you to hear what you missed out on.

On this 42-minute recording (available as three MP3 files which you can download and start listening to immediately), I reveal some of my top indie music success principles, including:

  • Three ways to double (and TRIPLE) your music sales and income this year

  • Four things that need to be in alignment for you to succeed with music

  • What you need to know about the science of human perception

  • The one quality you should have in common with broccoli (and it's not vegging out)

  • Three important ways you should be using your creative output to attract fans and generate more money

  • Marketing lessons from a hamster wheel

  • How to OWN a word or phrase in your fans' minds

  • Understanding the difference between proactive and reactive marketing

  • The Upside-Down approach to fan worship

  • Seven reasons why DIY is the way to go

  • How to make enticing offers that get fans to buy more ... and buy now!

  • How to develop an empowering attitude

  • The one fan motivator you need to tap into (sadly, most musicians NEVER do this)

  • Why you "playing small" does NOT serve the world

  • The secret to becoming the Creative Force in your own life

Bonus: You'll also get immediate access to a PDF file of the six pages of notes I used to deliver this live workshop -- something even the attendees there that day didn't get.