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Here's what you get on the Properity Plan CD-ROM:

7 Secrets to Making Real Money With Your Music by Bob Baker and Nick Nanton (75-minute audio interview, 43-page transcript, 11 pages of worksheets, and more)

10 Ways to Sell More Music & Book More Gigs (60-minute MP3 audio, 1-page worksheet)

Insider Music Publicity Secrets (a rare 71-minute audio interview with Ariel Hyatt)

The New Rules of Internet Music Marketing (95 minutes, recorded live in Nova Scotia)

How to Make Your Web Site a Music-Selling Machine (67-minute interview with Julie Blake)

7 Steps to Widespread Exposure, Sales and Success as an Independent Artist (43 minutes, recorded live at Webster University, plus 2-page worksheet)

Octopus Marketing: The Multiple Tentacles Approach to Building a Massive Internet Presence (25-minute MP3 audio, 35-slide PowerPoint)

Unleash the Artist Within: 28 Lessons and Actions Steps to Transform Your Creative Talents Into More Recognition, More Profit and More Fun (192-page ebook)

Branding Yourself Online: How to Use the Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field (350-page ebook)

Detailed 11-page Music Marketing Plan sample

Special Take Action Report that features:
9 steps to setting music career goals you will actually reach
12 kick-butt music career productivity tips
9 ways to motivate yourself when you don’t FEEL like marketing

PDF of the Prosperity Plan workshop handout, with clean full-page versions of the worksheets


How to Create a Major Book Buzz Online: Using the Internet to Fuel Word-of-Mouth Marketing (48-minute MP3 audio, 70-slide PowerPoint presentation, and 2-page handout)

Self-Publishing Success Secrets 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Independent Book Publishing (50-minute MP3 audio, 25-page PDF ebook)

Secret Guide to Amazon Book Sales: How to Take Advantage of the World’s Largest Online Bookseller (78-minutes of MP3 audio, 60-slide PowerPoint)

Self-Publishing Confidential special report. Includes 4 Ways to Attract More Readers (and Buyers) Faster, The Best Way to Promote Your Book Right Now, and more

The retail price if you bought all of these titles separately: $193.45

Price that workshop attendees paid for this CD: $97.00

Low rate for the first 7 people who act on this special offer: $47 USD

My promise and my guarantee to you ...

I know you'll be happy with all the marketing ideas and inspiration crammed onto this data CD-ROM. Take up to 60 days to listen and read all the materials. If you're not happy with it, for any reason, just send the CD back within 60 days for a full refund.

Seize the moment. Take the plunge ... while copies are still available!

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SOLD OUT - Wow, that was fast!

Send an email to Bob AT TheBuzzFactor DOT Com to be put on
a special alert list in case I decide to make more of these CDs

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